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The Beauty Bean - May 2011

Low-Maintenance Highlights: Baci di Sole Sun-Kisses Our Strands, With Ease

By Alix Turoff

low maintenance highlightsTo the beauty buffs (like us!) hearing about the latest and craziest in beautifying and pampering treatments is just about as exciting as the NCAA finals are to the sports buffs. Throw in the words “low-maintenance,” “sun-kissed” and “cocktails” and, well there’s pretty much nothing that could keep us away. And so, there we were, anxiously awaiting the attention of hair artist Adrian De Berardinis of the eponymous De Berardinis Salon located in New York City’s Chelsea, the man behind the fabulous hair coloring treatment known as Baci di Sole.

As we walked in we were offered coffee, tea and wine and took in the chandeliers and antique decor before we were ushered over to meet the combat boot and flannel clad stylist himself. After quick look at our hair, during which Adrian (with our excited approval, of course) decided we should go with a light brown highlight, we got down to business.

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The process of the Baci di Sole color treatment is pretty much the coolest thing we’ve ever tried with regard to our hair and De Berardinis Salon is the only place in North America to offer the service, which Adrian honed during his time in Milan, bringing a little bit of Europe to Chelsea with this innovative treatment.

The first step in the crazy but cool process involved teasing our hair into a Lisa Simpson inspired style. (Think: Hair sticking straight up like spikes on our head.) It was just about as sexy as Homer Simpson’s beer belly.  With our hair looking more like a science experience gone oh so wrong than midway through a high end salon process, Adrian brushed the light brown dye onto our spiky strands in a way intended to mimic the way that the sun would naturally highlight our currently less-than-lovely-locks. Adrian has the treatment down pat and had all of the color painted on within 15 minutes.

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As we relaxed with the latest issue of Vogue and played around on one of the multiple iPad’s available for customers’ use, we waited for the color to set. After about 15 minutes, the color was carefully washed out before styling. And while anything would have been better than the teased out look we were rocking only moments earlier, the results was objectively gorgeous. After only a little more than an hour, we had a completely new, low maintenance look, (no roots would show, no touch-ups would be required). Happy highlights, indeed.

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